Where to find desert temples ?

18 November, 2022

Where to find desert temples ?

Some people love the Desert biome, while others hate it. Many players find this barren, empty landscape to be quite incongruous. The biome has many great features, including spawning sticks on ground, rabbits (which can then be used to make rabbit soup), desert pools, lava pool, and, most importantly, Desert Pyramids that spawn next to a desert temple.

The most valuable structure Mincrafters can find within the desert biome is the desert temples. These temples contain tons of valuable loot such as enchanted books and iron nuggets. It is easy to find desert temples and get a feel for the terrain thanks to its unobtrusive and plain landscape. Many Minecraft servers also use desert temples for events and gatherings

5) Surplus of desert Temples (Seed :-1995173861).

The player is spawned in a vast desert biome. Players will see a village near the desert pyramid just to their west. Players will find villages and temples throughout the 1000-block radius surrounding spawn.

There are more than 8 desert temples within the area. More can be found outside of the 1000-block radius. These villages can be used to provide shelter and storage for the residents.

4) Underground desert temple (Seed: 7354963423212001357)

This seed will spawn Minecrafters in a hilly biome that is surrounded by cave entrances, and other structures. Players will find a lava pool in the plains biome to the north of spawn. This pool, along with another one to the south, can be used to help players get to the Nether dimension quickly.

A Pillager Outpost is located across the northern lava pool, where players can farm resources and weapons. At the coordinates below, you will find the closest desert temple to this seed. Underground, the temple is hidden beneath a layer of sand four blocks thick. The chests can be found here and contain a lot of useful resources.

Coordinates of the Temple: (238566 -3215).

3) Multiple biomes

The player is able to spawn this seed within a plains biome, which shares its borders with many other biomes. Players will find a huge jungle biome on the south-eastern side with a jungle temple at the start.

On the northern side, there is a small savanna ecome. Beyond that lies a desert biome. As soon as players enter the desert, they will find a large desert village and a temple.

2) A trio (2) of villages (Seed : 1765264389257868962)

This seed will spawn Minecraft players in a desert biome. Only 400 blocks from spawn is a lush cave biome. Three villages are located within 500 blocks of spawn on opposite sides. The closest one is 300 blocks away. This village generates just above a buried temple. A few hundred blocks further away is another village, which has a visible desert temple.

1) Temple without chests

This strange, but not unusual seed creates a desert temple without chests or TNT blocks below its middle floor block. This post was not made by a Minecraft redditor. Players can locate another one at these coordinates.

Desert temple coordinates (-333 60, -861)