What you should pack when you set out to explore the wild world of Minecraft

19 November, 2022

What you should pack when you set out to explore the wild world of Minecraft

Millions of Minecraft players took to the sandbox to discover the new features that Minecraft 1.18 had. Exploring Minecraft can be fun, but players should always have some supplies before they venture into the unknown.

Mojang's most important update to the game is the new world generation, eight biomes, and vertical expansion of overworld.

Players may find themselves in difficult situations or be attacked by hostile mobs while exploring the world. There are some items that players must have.

Five best items for Minecraft 1.18 version exploration

There are many things a player could take with them when exploring Minecraft 1.18. Here are the top five items:

5) Feather-falling boots

Although it isn't the most important item, it can save lives in certain situations. Minecraft 1.18 has a lot of deep ravines that players can fall into, which makes it a dangerous version. Players can avoid any fall injuries by falling in featherfall enchanted boots.

4) Water bucket

This item prevents players taking fall damage. It is highly recommended to carry a water bucket. Players can quickly pour water on any block they are about fall, decreasing their speed. This is especially useful if the players come into contact with fire and lava.

3) Food

To survive, players need to have enough food. They can replenish their bodies and keep them active during adventuring. Players can hunt sheep, cows, and pigs while on the move in order to continue acquiring more food.

2) Boat

Players might come across large bodies of water while exploring. A boat is a tool that can be used to cross huge oceans or seas. If they have enough wood, players can build a boat while on the move.

1) Bed

The bed is an essential item in the game. It is used to help players sleep, skip the night, and act as an overworld respawn anchor.

Minecraft 1.18 allows players to climb mountains and explore dangerous caves. Players can also keep a bed for a respawn anchor so that they don't spawn where they left off.