Minecraft mountain home ideas

22 December, 2022

Minecraft mountain home ideas

Minecraft 1.18 increased the power of mountains to create, creating massive chains with sky-high peaks. These locations can be great places to build a home.

There are many options for building Minecraft houses on mountain tops. No matter what players do, there are many great home design options when building in Minecraft1.18's new mountain ranges.

Amazing Minecraft home designs for mountain building

Modern Mountain Home

Modern mansions are one of the most attractive house designs in Minecraft. They can also be built on mountain ranges. Because of the clashing geometry, modern mansions may look odd if built on top of mountains, it is common for players to choose to build these houses on a platform.

However, you can create a home that looks great and overlooks beautiful mountains with concrete, quartz, price wood or nice dark oak, as well as lots of glass panels.

9) Internal Mountain House

It is one thing to build your home on top of a mountain. But it can be quite another to make the interior of the mountain look great. You will need to do some serious mining and probably a lot of glass panes in order to make your house stand out. But nothing is more interesting than a whole mountain range being made into a house for one player or several players.

This makes it easy to see from afar, and shows others your creativity and willingness for new ideas. Mountain houses were unable to match these builds before Minecraft 1.18.

8) Stilt House

Stilt houses are a beautiful house that is built into the sides of mountains biomes. They can be multi-tiered or integrated into the side. These houses can be very attractive and have a mild exterior while still being very elegant inside.

Stilt houses have an elevated design that evokes the beauty of a mountain house and the natural world around it. Stilt houses blend well with the environment and are peaceful which is what many players are looking for.

Mountain Peak House

Sometimes Minecraft players just want to be at the top. While building a house at the top of a mountain range may require some travel time, they can be beautiful and offer a great view of the surrounding landscape.

It doesn't matter if the mountain peak overlooks a forest, or the vastness of the ocean, it's very pleasing to see a sunset from the peak. Then you can go to bed to begin the next day.

6) Modular Mountain House

Modular mountain homes are easy to construct and require little space. They can also be placed on multiple parts of a mountain. Although they may not be the most spacious, Minecraft players can expand into the mountain depending on the location of the house. Some players don't require much space, as long as they have all their necessities.

A modular mountain house such as this can be considered a home away form home for many. Players may not spend much time there.

5) Cliff Observatory

Some Minecraft players believe that less is better. A nice spot on the cliffside could be a good site to build a small observatory. These houses are great for beginners and feature the essentials, lots of windows, and a balcony that overlooks the cliff face.

These structures don't need a lot of resources and can be used as a defensive position in case of an emergency. If they wish, Minecraft players can expand the observatory to a larger building if they so desire. However, there is no rush.

4) Viking Lodge

Some builds can achieve beautiful vertical appearances, such as a viking-style lodge or longhouse. These buildings look great on a rocky beach or mountain.

A viking lodge is located on a steep slope that leads down to the ocean. Players can then head down to their dock to launch their boat and cruise the high seas at their own pace. While vanilla Minecraft won't allow players to raid villages with their longships, the ancient Icelandic architecture is stunning to see.

3) Mountain Castle

You'll need a lot of stone blocks to make a castle in Minecraft.

Castles are one of the most famous builds in Minecraft. They showcase Minecraft players creativity in their own unique ways, depending on what materials they use and how it is built. It won't be an easy task to build a castle in Survival Mode. However, a mountain castle can provide a private retreat for those who value privacy.

2) Cozy Mountain Cottage

A mountain cottage can be built on both the peaks or the slopes of a mountain and is visually striking and easy to construct.

Minecraft players can live in beautiful homes that blend into the mountains without being too prominent like a castle or mansion. It is great for short-term and long-term use. There are few negatives to a mountain cabin.

1) Winter Mansion

This winter mansion is ideal for permanent housing or winter getaways in Minecraft. It has a large size and feels like a cozy lodge. This house is great for sharing with friends or alone in a snowy biome, such as one high up on a mountain peak.

A home this large can prove lonely for one Minecrafter. This house is built primarily from simple blocks like wooden planks or cobblestone. However, it can take quite a while to finish the floorplan and create the interior.