Join Minecraft Bedrock?

2 January, 2023

Join Minecraft Bedrock?

The game offers a great multiplayer feature with Minecraft servers. Although multiplayer is possible with friends, it's usually just a way to play in a shared world. Servers offer players an online gaming experience that is often completely different to regular Minecraft.

PVP worlds, BedWars, and other Adventure worlds can be offered by Minecraft servers. These are often considered Java Edition features but Bedrock Edition players can also access them.

Here are some ways to do it.

Joining a Minecraft server in Bedrock Edition

The majority of the game's platforms are covered by Bedrock Edition. The Bedrock umbrella covers the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and Pocket Editions, as well as Windows 10 Edition. It's easy to see why Bedrock is so popular.

Servers can be any type, and players can join them to play the available game modes. There are several ways to do this.

Pocket Edition can be installed on any supported platform to allow players to start Minecraft Pocket Edition. Pocket Edition allows players to connect with servers using an IP address, but Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows devices don't allow this.

Those who can can navigate to Minecraft Bedrock's “Servers” tab by clicking on the play button. You will need an Internet connection. You will have several server options, including the option to add your own.

To join a specific server, players can click on the “Join Servers” button and manually enter the information. Players can join servers even if they don't have access to the internet on platforms that allow it.

These platforms will also include a “Server tab” that allows players to navigate to the server and join it. They can't access their servers via an IP address, so they won't be able to find or input them. It's otherwise easy and players can easily join their preferred BedWars or PVP World.