How to obtain a Debug stick in Minecraft

12 January, 2023

How to obtain a Debug stick in Minecraft

The debug stick was originally intended to fix problems in Minecraft's engine concerning block states. However, it can also be used for interesting experiments and to alter the state of a block to achieve a desired look.

Block states, at their core, are the current block state. However, they can change according to their environment. A fence can have a block state that is able to stand alone in an empty space but can also be connected to another block.

Another example is stairways, where players can see the different blocks when they are paired together or at different angles. These states can be altered directly by using the debug stick.

Minecraft: Obtaining a debug stick

The debug stick is an item that can be used to debug objects within a Minecraft world. It cannot be obtained through other methods. You can only obtain it in vanilla Minecraft by using commands.

The stick is not available through Survival Mode commands, but it works in Creative Mode by default. Regardless, Minecraft players can use the commands “/give @s minecraft:debug_stick” or “/give @s debug_stick” without quotations to present themselves with a debug stick.

Using the command syntax, you can also use the command to give the debug stick to other Minecraft players. For example, “/give MinecraftDude minecraft:debug_stick” would give the item to a player with the name MinecraftDude.

You can also replace @s with other targeters like @r (random player), or @a (all players), to change the target. This command can be extended to command blocks which can basically dispense debug stick at the player's choice.

Minecraft players will need their debug stick to perform two main tasks. Left-clicking can change the state of a block, if it has multiple state, and right-clicking can cycle through the values of block states.

Players can, for example, use a debugstick to turn a fence post eastward, even though it is in the open. Then, right-click the stick to change its face.

This can be helpful in particular when using things such as dispensers, observers, or other difficult-to-position blocks. Minecraft players don't have to click or crouch on the block's surface multiple times to make sure it is correctly placed. Instead, they can place it and reposition it with their handy debug sticks.