Everything you need to know about Lush caves in Minecraft

18 January, 2023

Everything you need to know about Lush caves in Minecraft

Part 2 of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs will be remembered as the Overworld's most significant update. Minecraft 1.18 was a huge update that made impossible features possible, including tall mountain biomes and massive cave systems.

Minecraft now supports cave biomes, which makes it possible to create 3D biomes. Two cave biomes were added to the 1.18 update: lush caves and dripstone caves. Dripstone caves may seem a bit dull, but lush caves are a delight.

One of the most beautiful biomes in Minecraft is lush caves. The cave biome is adorned with glow berries, azalea and moss blocks that illuminate the caves. These are the things that Minerafters need to know before venturing into the lush caves.

3) Axolotl spawning conditions

Every player now knows that axolotls spawn inside lush caves. Players may not be aware of the conditions required to spawn axolotls. Before Minecraft 1.18, axolotls were able to spawn in all Overworld biomes. They now spawn in lush, newly created caves.

If a clay block is within five blocks of a water source, an axolotl will spawn in a lush cave. Players will find small water ponds constructed of clay blocks while exploring lush caves. This is where you can find axolotls in Minecraft.

2) A new place to catch tropical fish

The rare tropical fish is a species of fish that can only spawn in warm waters. Minecraft 1.18 has made it possible to find exotic creatures in lush caves. The lush caves are a great place to spawn tropical fish of any type.

It is not accidental that tropical fish spawn in lush, cave-like environments. Developers decided that tropical fish should spawn in lush caves because players require a lot of them to feed their axes. To get baby axolotls, players won't need to move axolotls from their homes.

1) Search for the azalea tree

Although Azalea trees are similar to oak trees in appearance, players can tell the difference by looking at their leaves. Azalea leaves can be brighter than oak leaves, and they may have pink flowers. Azalea trees are a great option for players looking for lush caves.

Because it is full of glowberries, lush caves are a great place for a base. Players won't encounter dangerous mobs in lush caverns due to the hostile mob spawning changes.