Minecraft mountain home ideas

Minecraft 1.18 increased the power of mountains to create, creating massive chains with sky-high peaks. These locations can be great places to build a home. There are many options for building Minecraft houses on mountain tops. No matter what players do, there are many great home design options when building in Minecraft1.18’s new mountain ranges. Amazing Minecraft … Read more

How to obtain a Debug stick in Minecraft

The debug stick was originally intended to fix problems in Minecraft’s engine concerning block states. However, it can also be used for interesting experiments and to alter the state of a block to achieve a desired look. Block states, at their core, are the current block state. However, they can change according to their environment. A … Read more

Chandelier ideas in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox with tons of activities. Most players create houses, which is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities. The ceiling is an important part of interior design. There are so many options available in the game that players can choose from, making it difficult to decide which style is best for their home. … Read more

Essential Minecraft farms

To survive in Minecraft, players must continue to collect resources and items. Redstone can be used to create automated farms that contain many different items. Some farms can produce items that are sufficient to supply every player’s daily needs.┬áThese farms are essential for survival in any world. 5) Kelp farm It is easy to set up … Read more

What do aquifers do in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 is due to arrive on November 30, and will fundamentally change the game. Soon, new cave and mountain generation will be available along with many new items. This update is the second half of Caves & Cliffs (1.17) which was released earlier in the year. One of the new features is the aquifer. This new … Read more

Everything you need to know about Lush caves in Minecraft

Part 2 of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs will be remembered as the Overworld’s most significant update. Minecraft 1.18 was a huge update that made impossible features possible, including tall mountain biomes and massive cave systems. Minecraft now supports cave biomes, which makes it possible to create 3D biomes. Two cave biomes were added to the 1.18 update: … Read more

What you should pack when you set out to explore the wild world of Minecraft

Millions of Minecraft players took to the sandbox to discover the new features that Minecraft 1.18 had. Exploring Minecraft can be fun, but players should always have some supplies before they venture into the unknown. Mojang’s most important update to the game is the new world generation, eight biomes, and vertical expansion of overworld. Players may … Read more

Where to find desert temples ?

Some people love the Desert biome, while others hate it. Many players find this barren, empty landscape to be quite incongruous. The biome has many great features, including spawning sticks on ground, rabbits (which can then be used to make rabbit soup), desert pools, lava pool, and, most importantly, Desert Pyramids that spawn next to a desert … Read more

Minecraft & Youtube

Minecraft is now the most watched video on YouTube, with more than 1 trillion views. YouTube celebrates the amazing milestone in several fun ways. The animated music video is above and includes references to the history of the game and its creators. There’s also this dedicated webpage which gives alarming context about how long 1,000,000,000,000 … Read more

Minecraft Survival servers… and how to join them

Which Minecraft survival servers are the best? They are the driving force behind everything and everyone. Or, on the contrary, they drive the entire universes of Minecraft. It is a well-known fact, that the PC people group has the most motivated parts of the planet. This is evident in the work of the top Minecraft … Read more